Hi! I’m Jenny, an atmospheric and cryospheric scientist and science communicator.

My research focuses on the interaction between the atmosphere and cryosphere in the Polar Regions and mountainous regions. More specifically, I investigate the spatial distribution, frequency and impact of atmospheric processes on surface melting of glaciers and ice shelves. So far, I have focused on the Larsen C ice shelf, 79N glacier (northeast Greenland) and the Patagonian ice fields. For more information on my research methods and outcomes, see Research.

I am passionate about science communication and regularly participate in and organise workshops, events and lectures for a variety of audiences. Most recently, I participated in the ‘long night of science’ at Friedrich Alexander University and spoke with journalists and radio hosts about climate change in the Arctic.

I am currently (April 2019- April 2021) the Early Career Scientist (ECS) representative for the cryosphere division of the European Geosciences Union (EGU). As part of this role, I communicate the needs and voices of the division with council members of the union. I have organised webinars on careers outside of academia and chaired a debate focusing on the balance between conducting science and reducing our carbon footprint.

In August 2017 I defended my PhD on the spatial and temporal distribution of föhn winds and their impact on the Larsen C Ice Shelf, Antarctica. I studied for my PhD jointly with the British Antarctic Survey and the University of Leeds.